More coffee? No thanks. Chapter 6.

A quiet man is a thinking man. A quiet woman is hatching a plan. Priya was unusually quiet.

“What’s up cousin?” I remarked, as I stepped back into the house to find her in a pensive mood. She was bent over her laptop and was typing franctically on the keyboard. She glanced up at me and without a word continued doing whatever the hell she was doing. “I don’t have time for your small talk. What do you want?” she said after a couple of minutes, not bothering to look at me who was roaming around the room fidgeting with random objects.

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More Coffee? No thanks. Chapter 5.

Aunt Jaya was an impressive female. During her better years, she was the headmaster of an elementary school in town where she terrorized every student who would be sent to her for detention. She held a PhD in literature and had the most enchanting collection of classics in her study room. I must remark, that room was where I spent most of my time when I visited her in my juvenile years.

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More Coffee? No thanks. Chapter 4

There are wise men who have said – There is nothing fair about the fairer sex when they have their mind set on something. Had I chanced upon those men, I would have shaken their hands out of sheer admiration and maybe even thrown in an embrace or two. My cousin of course, was at the forefront of this community that the wise men spoke of. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to imagine that she was ‘Sample A’ while the wise men conducted subtle experiments to form conclusions on human behavior.

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More Coffee? No thanks. Chapter 3.

There are two kinds of men in the world – those who know that they don’t know what is on a girl’s mind, and those who don’t know that they don’t know. On the other hand, there are two types of women in the world – those who are quietly satisfied about the fact that men know nothing about them, and those who get increasingly frustrated about the fact that men know nothing about them. I had my feet firmly planted in the first category of men, while Reva quite clearly belonged to the second category of women. So, it wouldn’t have taken an overpriced psychologist to predict that Reva and myself were never really on the same wavelength. Ever.

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More Coffee? No thanks. Chapter 2

On the subject of surprises, I have strong opinions. There are times when they are welcome, but others when life would be better off without them. Besides the timing itself, the general subject that causes the surprise can also determine the open-armness of the welcome that is offered to it. To cite an example, it would be a wonderful surprise – one to be welcomed with the openest of arms, if life is dawdling along and a long lost bosom friend pops up out of nowhere. On the other hand, if you have just left a location grateful about not having run into a certain bloke, it is less than a pleasant surprise to find the same bloke awaiting you at your next destination.

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