More Coffee? No Thanks. Chapter 11

When a woman keeps calm, you’d better run for your life.

Priya breathed slow and calculated breaths. We stood next to the bench in the back garden in the whereabouts of the lemon tree. As my readers might remember, it was also the backdrop for my fateful showdown with Reva earlier in my story. A casual reader with more time to spare than the others might even flip back a couple of chapters to glance over the aforementioned scene again. Speaking of time to spare, I clearly had aplenty. With Priya resorting to this rather curious form of yoga before me, I devoted my attention to the ripening lemons upon the tree and endeavored to pluck one of them. People who know me well would know that I am a fanatic when it comes to lemonade; and people who know their lemonade well, would know that there is nothing in the lemonade world that comes within touching distance of the one prepared from freshly squeezed lemons. So pluck I did, and being the gracious gentleman that I am, turned around to offer the fruit of my labor to the lady in my vicinity. However, the lady gave me a look that plainly said she would like nothing better than to grab the lemon and stick it into my right eye. It was like she had subtitles.