More Coffee? No thanks. Chapter 5.

Aunt Jaya was an impressive female. During her better years, she was the headmaster of an elementary school in town where she terrorized every student who would be sent to her for detention. She held a PhD in literature and had the most enchanting collection of classics in her study room. I must remark, that room was where I spent most of my time when I visited her in my juvenile years.



More Coffee? No thanks. Chapter 4

There are wise men who have said – There is nothing fair about the fairer sex when they have their mind set on something. Had I chanced upon those men, I would have shaken their hands out of sheer admiration and maybe even thrown in an embrace or two. My cousin of course, was at the forefront of this community that the wise men spoke of. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to imagine that she was ‘Sample A’ while the wise men conducted subtle experiments to form conclusions on human behavior.