More Coffee? No thanks. Chapter 1


It was a fair enough morning. The early birds were up and about, catching their respective worms and making a great deal of fuss about it. The Homo Sapiens, on the other hand, were only beginning to stir and wake up to a slight chill in the air. The general atmosphere was that of contempt and mild surprise at the generosity of the weather. If the poet Keats had been around, he might have been bally-ho about the whole scene and would have surprised no one by writing about seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness. I sat on the porch of Surya Nivas and stretched the weary limbs. The last thirty odd hours had been spent in the rickety metal carriage of a train and I was glad to finally be in a place where I could swing my arms around without the conscious fear of slapping a bloke inadvertently. Not that I was someone who does that frequently, but it is a nice feeling to know that one can swing one’s arms around without fear if the need arise.



Episode 4: Look ! Up in the sky!