The end of all creativity

Although I might be hopeless at maintaining a blog, I have always made it a point to go through random blogs on the net. Hoping to pick up tips on what they write about, how they keep readers interested and most importantly, what keeps them going.

More often than not I end up on blogs that are more or less like mine – irregular posts on a random bunch of topics. A few times I stumble upon personal blogs that fail to keep me captivated. Finally, I came across a blog that was funny, interesting and continous. A look at the archives told me the posts started in June 2006 and ended rather abruptly in July 2008. Naturally, I was intrigued. What forced this budding writer out of the circles and brought creativity to such a stone-walled end?

The last blog post simply consisted of four lines. I’ll care to paste it here for all you readers. I hope I am not the only one getting a haunting feeling.

Joining Infosys tomorrow. Really excited about my first job. Hope to have loads of fun there. See you soon.

The end of creativity?

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  1. 🙂
    hope you turn out just the opposite.
    you know.. maybe get all the more regular 🙂

  2. i just noticed your tagline “Because even the smallest dog bites …”
    did you always have this?
    its hillarious 😀

  3. as it turns out, it needs much more then one lone “delloite” to kill the creativity…keep them posts coming! \m/


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