Career (read Peer) advice

There was a time in my young career when I was weighing my options. I was thoroughly confused about what I wished to do in my future. Although I know what I want – A lazy, nothing-to-do life – I had no idea where I would be able to live such a life. Barrons scared the shit out of me. Not the words so much as the endless lists of them. I recollect reading up to Wordlist 11 and then realizing that I had NO idea what Wordlist 1 had contained. I had no idea why I was reading Barrons in the first place. I don’t wish to go to Amreeka and the thought of devoting sleepless night in a foreign land to ‘research’ makes me wet my pants. Those were the days when everyone around me was reading Barrons, and more out of curiosity than anything else, I thought I might give it a looking into. This is where I feel peers are ever so helpful. If you could attribute my screwed up mind to anything, it has to be the people around me.

“Don’t tell me you are not giving the GRE, dude. With your angrezi and everything…”.

I think that was the statement that made me pick up the please-don’t-say-its-name  book. What I didn’t see soon enough was that I was preparing for an exam which will get me admitted to a course I didn’t want to do, studying subjects that bored the hell out of me, in a land that didn’t even want to go toThe day becks pawned GRE the way he had pawned SEn, I heaved a huge sigh of relief – Thank God I didn’t give the test.

It is at such junctures that peer power is often grossly underestimated. One must realize that peer pressure and its equally evil counterparts do not die out even AFTER a person has made a decision. It is the property of peer pressure to actually intensify when the guy thinks he has it all sorted out. I was never immune to such forces of evil and the fact that they did get to me shouldn’t really raise eyebrows.

“Oh, So you are not giving the GRE. You are giving the CAT, is it?”

I must here add that the abovementioned polite inquiry was made to me 3 days before the CAT forms came out. One must realize the intricacies of a polite inquiry. It is like one of the questions that we so often get at DA – Answer if true or false; If false, then give explanations. You can escape from the polite inquiry only if you answer positively. Say a simple “Yes, that is my POA.” and everything will be as hoodly-doodly as before; the matter and its polite inquiry fade into oblivion. Answer otherwise and you are at the receiving end of a reaction that will put a knee-jerk reflex to shame.

“What?! Then what are you going to do?”.

Readers bear in mind, this a tactic often used in the peer world. I have carefully represented the same in a tactical flowchart for the benefit of the proactive reader.



The peer Algorithm

I will not fool the readers here – I did buckle under the pressure – and before I knew it, I had bought a form for CAT even though I had practically no idea how I was going to prepare for it. A couple of days later, when I stood in my room rather foolishly with my CAT form in one hand and a booklet from the TIME course material in the other, I wondered whether the moolah could have been better utilized in procuring an account of the World of Warcraft.

[Thank God for the placement committee.]

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  1. Pratik thacker

     /  October 27, 2009

    So true man. . . I’m pushed to the extent of considering other planets for my post-grad thanks to peer inputs!

  2. Axn

     /  October 27, 2009

    srsly .. peer pressure is a bigger pain in the ass than brainstorming to decide wat actually u want to do.


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