Chapter 4: Worm [Contd.]

All characters in the following story are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to real-life persons is entirely coincidental.

PS: Thank God I’m blogging again.

Zeus was imploring me to take notice of him. But the game of dota lay forgotten. In spite of my reactions, the gravity and the depth of the situation failed to get to Jojo. Some people may attribute that to calm-headedness or a certain degree of laidbackness, but in opinion it was plain braindeadness.

“What’s wrong with that? I had to go shopping. Wouldn’t she understand?”, Jojo looked around at Teja for support. Teja was now lying on my bed, with his eyes shut, probably making circles with his eyeballs again.
“Jojo, dude”, he said, “even married women don’t understand.”
“Aww, come on. Surely they don’t think so much about a shopping trip?”

I decided it was time to drill some sense into his head. It is often hard if when one is trying to advice another about matters, especially those related to the fairer sex, he hits bedrock in trying to convince the other to see light. It was usually this way with Jojo. For years he had been under the impression that cars had a back-wheel drive. I don’t blame him. He simply hadn’t had a stable childhood, intellectually. Till he was 15, he was under the impression that it was indeed storks that delivered babies to married couples and till 13, he would go dizzy wondering if the lower half of the country would drift into the ocean on being cut through the middle. At times, it was simply hard to convince him about what a normal person would consider trivial matters.

Before I started off on my endeavor, I followed Jojo’s eyes to find Worm squatted on the floor at the foot of Juggy’s bed. As always, Jojo had found the best way to vent out his frustration.

“What on earth are you doing here, you little squirm!” cried Jojo, causing even Teja to open his eyes and take notice of the goings-on. “I thought I told to frikking get out of my sight.”

It was at such times that we felt sorry for Worm. Although he was a positive pain in the ass at times, it wasn’t really his fault. Nature meant him to be that way. I made a half-hearted attempt to stop Jojo from letting out all of his anger on Worm, but Jojo already had put too much of heart into his actions; my half-a-heart was no match for it. In fact, it was only Teja who stopped Jojo from physically picking up worm to throw him out of the room. Worm was uttering non-audible ‘sorry’s. Jojo wasn’t done even after letting go of Worm’s collar. He eyed him savagely as Worm brushed his checkered shirt straight.

“Worm, you are a bitch. I am left with no option but to let you know of this fact.” Jojo was still fuming.
“Alright, let’s just calm down.” I said getting between Worm and his man-handler. “Let’s just be civilized. Jojo, just sit back down. Let Worm be. It’s not as if he is hurting anyone.”
Teja was eyes us with some curiosity. “You remind me of James Potter, Sirius and Wormtail.” he said when I looked around at him with inquiring eyes.
Jojo suddenly took heart from his comment. “Yes, and it was Wormtail who betrayed them later.” he said, eying Worm ruthlessly.

“Cha. Just let it be. Worm isn’t going to go around betraying his colleagues.” I found myself defending Worm for no particular reason.
“Oh really?” Jojo glared at me. “How do you know he isn’t bitching about us right now?”
“How can he? He is right here.”
“Oh really?”

Worm had disappeared without a trace.