Chapter 3 : Juggy [Contd.]

All characters in the following story are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to real-life persons is entirely coincidental.

For Jojo and his to-be-soulmate, Juggy had no sympathies whatsoever. He relentlessly complained about Jojo being the reason why girls scream, ‘I hate men!’. Apparently, he knew girls way better than Jojo. I wouldn’t blame him. After having read “What women want and everything else under the sun” I was inclined to the feeling that a person who had no idea who he had kissed without the effects of alcohol deserved to be plaqued, with every right, with the title Juggy had suggested.

Jojo wasn’t a man renowned for his patience and with every passing minute of Juggy ceaseless banter about men like Jojo being the root cause of all evil, I couldn’t help but get the feeling there would be a need to call in the emergency services pretty soon. If Juggy’s words were indeed getting to Jojo, the latter would strangle himself, otherwise the latter would probably beat the former to ham. Fortunately, Teja interrupted before long.

“Dude, Juggy. If you can’t make yourself of any help, get your filthy ass out of here.”
“But just look at this guy. He kissed the girl with no sort of ratification of her identity.”
“Look, we know Jojo has a compressed rat’s brain. But, we should be helping him out in his spot of bother.”
“I don’t know why you are encouraging him. If you get behind him, the next thing you know, he’ll be kissing every girl behind the parking lot in the dark.”
“If such a thing were to happen, ill slip a live wire into his bed and wait for him to electrocute himself.”
“I am not sure you could do that.”
“Cometh the hour, cometh the man.”

Juggy frowned at Teja for a while then gave in.

“Fine. If you think you can handle him. What do you propose, Sherlock Holmes?”
“That is beyond me. That is why you should always have a dumbass in your group who goes around reading books on women’s mindsets.” He waved a hand vaguely in my direction.
“Lawl. I think the matter is pretty straight-forward. Jojo has to walk up to one of the twins, and ask her if she was the one he kissed. There is nothing better than honesty. He should probably explain the whole matter.”

We looked around at Jojo to find him throwing bits of paper at Worm, who made lazy attempts to dodge them.

“Juggy,” I said,” if we ever need a recipie for disaster, we will surely get back to you. But right now, the problem statement is such – Jojo has to figure out the kissed girl, and stay alive after he does so. The girl will frikking murder Jojo and bury his honesty alongside him in his grave.”

Jojo now seemed to tired of his previous sport and was making faces at himself in the mirror.

“Jojo, you ass!” Juggy shouted. Jojo leapt two feet off his berth and turned around to face us.
“Oh, sorry.” He twirled his mouth about and settled into a more normal expression. “I got carried away a bit.” Juggy looked like an old mother ready to whack him with a broom.

“Anyway.” I continued. “There is nothing better than patience in this matter. Jojo, my friend, the matter is simple. You have to be around the twins, no matter what.”
“Which twin?”
“Both twins”
“Harry, they are two disjointed people.”
“I know. Just hang around them all the time.”
“You mean hang around with either of them?”
“Exactly. But make sure you don’t hang out with one twin for too long. Distribute your time.”
“Alright. But what will that lead to?”
“It will buy us time. Then the psychology of the individual can take over.”
“The what?”
“The psychology of the individual. It is the study of the human mind and how it would react to different situations. Jeeves employs it all the time.”
“Who is Jeeves?”
“Never mind. Focus.”
“Aye aye.”
“Repeat after me. Spend-time-with-twins. As simple as that.”
“Got it.”
“Very soon, you will be sailing like a ship on butter.”
“Do ships sail on butter?”
“No, Jojo. That was not the crux of the statement. But never mind that. Don’t stress your brain too much. You have a job on your hands.”

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  1. just 2 assure u.. we r still following ur story..!! 😛

  2. haha .. thanks 🙂 i needed that …


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