Welders who? Welders why?

Okay, I admit, we should have put a lot more thought into this by now. But we are admittedly a rather confused lot and we definitely need food for thought.

‘Welders’ is the name of our band suggested by Bhagwanji and upheld by our drummer, Wrath. It was also rather sarcastically suggested that we wear welder masks whenever we appeared on stage for a gig. With the 6th semester heavy on our hands and our brains running out of creativity, we haven’t really bothered to argue about the name for our band. Hopefully, in our last year of college, the biggest improvements would be – a good name for the band and a decent bass guitarist.

Our college and especially our batch has an explosion of guitarists and vocalists I must say. Thankfully, two of the best are in our band. We also possess the sole drummer of our batch. Violah Wrath! As for the vocalists, it was a rather random toss-up, and somehow I managed to find my way in. Nearly a year since we came together. A couple of us have already considered dropping out for a better career in music. All those dreams have been laid to rest for now though.

Where have reached? What do we play? Tricky questions indeed. It is our dream to play some serious Thrash Metal with hints of Alternative Metal. The guys with the instruments are upto it. We only need a touch of co-ordination and a few ounces of practise to rise to decent levels of metal performances. My vocals are still lacking though. It is hard to maintain the raspy voice over the duration of half a dozen songs. I guess I am the weakest cog in the machine for now ;).

Of course there is a missing gear – the bass guitarist. There are so many people who play the guitar in our batch that we thought it would never be a problem. But it has turned out to be. There is yet to be a person who has seriously and with great intent picked up the bass guitar. Until we would probably have to manage without it.

What to play is probably the biggest dilemma. It is very hard to find songs that each one of us is capable of performing. There are songs that have extremely difficult solos. There are songs whose vocals are totally beyond me or UT. There are songs with prominent bass. And there are songs with incredible drums. We have to carefully avoid such songs and pick a playlist. For now, we seem to have settled on some simpler songs of Megadeth, Metallica, Judas Priest and Nirvana. We hope to do a bit of COB, Lamb of God and Arch Enemy sooner than later. Let’s see how that works out. Also the original needs a lot of working on. It is tougher that most people think, to come up with a quality original.

I am sure we would greatly appreciate it if you guys could suggest a name for the band for a start ;).

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  1. Welders???? wtf…. i hate that name… we better sit down and hv a band meeting to discuss a decent name bey at the starting of sem7……

  2. I agree, axn, I agree


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