Top Notch News Updates

We always have something or the other to report without being as desperate as India TV or the like. A lot has been happening around here. Here are the top headlines :

1. Baccha B wing aa gaya
Baccha Bhand has recently shifted to the B wing with his room mate, Diesel. The event met loads of appreciation from the residing B wingers. However, some persons seemed to be unhappy with the change. In retaliation to the move, they stole Diesel’s mattress as a sign of dissent. As a result, Diesel has had to sleep on the floor for the past two days. He complained to the local authorities saying, “Humaare Angrez desh mein hum kabhi zameen par nahi sote the.”

Bhand, however, was very happy with the proceedings and seemed to be inert to the mattress being stolen from him room. “Bas hum B wing aa gaye hain. Gadda kho jaana toh bahut choti cheez hai.” he said, much to the annoyance of his roommate.

2. B 108 is now 19 ptr room
That’s right. Dassi has shifted to B wing as well. With his advent, B 108 is now officially the most intelligent room in the hostel. The prev highest was Warden’s room at 18.4 ptr. B 108 with 19 pts, has taken over that repute. His shifting process, unfortunately, was without event.

3. Mega thief on loose
Rumors are flying around about a super thief who walked into a hostel room by breaking the lock on its door and stole some Rs. 3000. How far this is true is unknown to the TNNU team, but we will keep updating you as soon as we hear more news.
Btw, the hostel supervisor and warden were on high alert and were seen patrolling the hostel in the morning.

4. Baba – the most important person
In a recent survey held in B wing, Baba was voted the most important personality of the wing. Last year’s winner was Sardy, but due to unfortunate circumstances, he had to shift to new areas. On a different note, Baba has also been awarded ‘The most promising politician’ award because of his tremendous ability to campaign.

5. Last but not the least
Popliss has been rumored to have been dating an RI partner. He was heard defending himself saying, “Arey RI means Relationship Internship na?”. Aside from that, he has decided to play it cool and deny all allegations. He roommate , Raj11, has been complaining about Popliss’s sudden voracious appetite for romantic music (Especially Enrique), a sudden spurt in his carrom and 29 skills, and a sudden inability to sleep at night.

That is all the news for today. Do visit our website for more news updates.


GREat – (WL 5 – 6)



It was nearly dawn break when Bhand staggered out of Cancer’s bar. A balmy breeze made him pull his coat tighter around him. He had barely managed to reach the road when he saw a figure blocking his way. Jhalla Baba was in his police uniform as usual, with a scowl upon his face. He was thoroughly unimpressed with the bacchanalian body stumbling towards him.

“Stop!”, he ordered. “What makes you think you can wander in B wing in that state?”. His voice was baleful, if anything.

Bhand flinched at the sight of this pain-in-the-ass in human form. “Leave me alone” he muttered with whatever little consciousness he had left. “I am just going home”. He drew himself to a somewhat erect position and made an audacious lunge to get away from the policeman. Unfortunately, his attempt was balked by a stone wall he didn’t seem to have noticed. Rather augustly, he crashed into the wall, nose-first and collapsed onto the ground. Baba smirked and walked up to the eagle-spread Bhand on the pavement. He grinned avuncularly at the figure on the ground. “Up to your usual mischief?” he asked him. “I know who you are, and I know how to handle banal folks like yourself” said baba kneeling down next to Bhand, who was by getting really pissed with baba’s austere behaviour.

“You are the wannabe B winger, Bhand, aren’t you?” said baba again, and allowed himself a smile. “Why do you keep coming to the B wing? It is simply an atrophy of your precious time, I tell you. You would be smart if you took my astute advice when I say, ‘go back to your village’. But then of course, it’s all up to you. If you choose to hang around in my wing, you’d better be careful. One wrong step, one sign of beset, and I’ll be breathing down your neck like an angry pack of bloodhounds and make sure you atone for your crimes.” Bhand had heard baba belabor his points before. It was a shame he was beholden to listen to policemen. All their badinage were not good for his temper at all.

Baba was blah-blahing away as usual. Bhand couldn’t make sense of what he was saying. He seemed to have transcended into a beatific, bardic state. For all that Bhand cared, it was no more than a verbal barrage to his interests. He held up a hand in front of baba’s face and balked his attempts at philosophy. “I beseech you to stop.” he said finally, when his voice had been restored. “Such besmirched gibberish is not behoove for this moment, officer. I shall consult you at my leisure some other time when I feel like being beguiled. Unit then, with a hand shake and a beneficent word, I shall take my leave. You have beleaguered me enough for tonight.”

Baba looked like an awl had been driven through his testicles. He began to belie Bhand’s statement, but the latter had already got up to leave and before baba could protest, Bhand had made a beeline for the alley’s sole exit.

[To be continued…]


I had nothing better to do. I have been reading Barron’s GRE wordlists and I keep getting astounded by the sheer number of words I have never come across. So I here’s an article that contains numerous words from the first 4 word lists of Barron. If you have gone through wordlists 1 to 4, it could be great practice to read the article and recollect the meaning you have mugged up so far. 😉 [At some places I might have tried too hard to insert a word from the list, it might be fairly obvious]. I hope some of you might find it useful. I’ve bolded the words from the list to make it easier for you guys 😉

Do comment if you liked it. I’ll think of writing more such articles.


A long time ago, there was a kingdom far-far away from everywhere. The very existence of this secret land was known to but oh so precious few and the much aggrandized aestheticism of the kingdom was whispered from ear-to-ear as allegories of the time. The aborigines named this mystical land ‘B Wing’ or Beta-Wing (They were inspired by Sci-Fi would be my guess).

Over this great land ruled the mighty Virus (yes, mighty in every aspect). He was an amulet to the citizens, and in their own amorous fashion, they had adorned him with an appellation that was to serve as an allusion to the ardor they had for him. “Arbiter” they called him and it was an apotheosis in itself. He was seen as the bearer of peace, the messiah as it were. He was ever willing to absolve mistakes if he was convinced it was adventitious.

Into this kingdom that was agog with happiness and joy, came Bhand. He had absconded from the abutting village and he had abstruse adulation for the kingdom that lay beyond the realm of his own. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t been admonished about the dangers that may lie in entering the kingdom in the dead of the night. Many a friend had grown tired of adjuration. Despite the ambivalence, Bhand decided to chance his arm and steal into the borders of Virus’s empire. The tales he had heard were too alluring to resist. For you see, Bhand live in a ‘dry’ village, if you know what I mean.

Walking quickly, he stopped at a bar near an apothecary’s signboard. Cancer was tending the bar, cleaning up some ancillaries at the end of an arduous day. Bhand strode up to the counter and slammed his fist on the table. Cancer turned around, rather surprised at the anachronism of the visitor.
“Dont just f**k around” shouted Bhand amok. “Hand me a beer you cheap bartender!”
Cancer raised an eyebrow at the animadversion but said nothing and slid a bottle across the counter.
Bhand spoke nothing until his thirst was assuaged. Askance, he thumped the bottle back on the table. Assaying Cancer with an apathetic eye, he asked for another round. Cancer was used to such abusive behavior. For a moment he abstained himself, but then spoke as he handed the stranger another beer.

“From what I apprehend, you don’t seem to be from this town.”

“Well I am, you may have never seen me, yeh filthy scum.”

Cancer was perhaps affronted by this acrimonious attitude. Maybe it was time to show this stranger that people could see through his artifice. People of this kingdom were far from asinine.

“What’s with the antagonism?” , asked Cancer once Bhand’s heavy huffing and puffing had abated. “It is you who is in an abject condition. You would do well to be altruistic.”

“I don’t need any of your wisdom, thank you. You can do well to hand me another beer with some alacrity. Its the only anodyne I need.”

“Are you an anarchist or something?”

“Nay. Far from it. You could call me an apostate” said Bhand between hiccups.

Cancer was apprehensive of Bhand’s state as he consumed one beer after another. Maybe at the apogee of the night, this man could be far from ambulatory. The amoral had to be done.

“Just get up and leave. You are getting too drunk and its too late in the night.” said Cancer, who seemed to have abdicated his duties and was now sitting on a stool himself. “It’s not that I abhor you, but I think I have to abrogate you for today.”

With a rather weary nod, Bhand disappeared through the arcade and into the sleepy night.


PS: Of course, I couldn’t cover all the words, there were too many. But I’ve tried to leave out only those words that are fairly common in our vocabulary.

10 greatest mysteries

I have enlisted what I believe to be the top ten mysteries of the years I have been in college.

10. What meebo means when he says ‘wahaan’, ‘woh’ and ‘us din’.

9. What Saaki does all day.

8. Who reported the booze gang.

7. Who is the ‘non-flushing’ group using our washrooms.

6. Who is the person who eats chips, biscuits etc in the third Bathroom on A wing side.

5. Who is that eco-friendly personality who turns off the water cooler on the hottest days.

4. Who is the person who repeatedly locks the wing’s doors from the outside

3. Where does Randi dissappear every evening and every sunday.

2. What does Chidiya do in the RC.

1. Who made blade an OP.


Will you forgive me for what I have done,
though it were done before?
For what I’ve become?

Will you forgive the place that’s true to me
-that I call home
where I am meant to be?

Would you heal the pain I have indoor?
but it wont suffice,
for I have more.

Would you lend me the power to see
what my tomorrow
has in store for me?