King Merlin

DAIICT, April 20 : A recent revelation by DodgeViper has created ripples in the student organization at DAIICT. Not too long after the 2005 batch farewell, a little known interview of DodgeViper had been conducted where it is said that he had stated the following – “Oh I just run the hub. Merlin is the one who supplies the porn. Don’t give that credit to me.”

The news of this startling statement created shock waves across the community here. The peer-to-peer sharing network was jammed with thousands of millions trying to access Merlin’s file share. DA-IICT’s LAN got so badly jammed that authorities had to turn off the power supply because the server was threatening to blow up.

So much for recent events. With the crown of the porn king now in new hands, it is of the essence that the general public get to know some more details of the newly established king.

Details :

Name : Merlin
Name stolen from : mym.Merlini
Birth Date : Unknown (His existence was discovered after Dodgey’s interview)
Believed stalwarts : Keeks, Smarty, Arthur, becks, x6
Source of porn : Secret Undisclosed Location
Interests : Girls, porn, Google android

It is believed that Merlin purchases his porn at a certain railway station. The porn there, according to sources, is prepared on the spot and provided to him. He has been a regular visitor at the station. One eyewitness has stated in a local newspaper, “Yes, I’ve seen him in the dead of the night. He wears a hooded cloak. Black color. And he always goes into the tiny room behind the station master and comes out with a sparkling DVD.”

Merlin is believed to procure a new DVD each time he goes home. In fact the number of times he has visited home can be calculated from the formula :

Number of times Merlin has gone home = (Share size [in GB]/ x)

where x is the size of a DVD in GB. By default x = 4.

With all the attention surrounding him, Merlin has decided to go underground. He has removed his collection from his DC share and denies any allegations of him being the porn king. Do NOT believe him.

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  1. fucking hilarious….sad that the joke is on me:(


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