beCKs pawns SEn

Legends speak of a legendary Engineer who wrecked havoc at DAIICT. Men who claimed to have seen him can recollect no more than just a blinding, divine light that shone from his physical being. It is said that this engineer was born with a silver sen in his mouth. So they say, but no one really knows where he got his legendary powers. This is the story of that man. The man about whom ballads have been sung, epics have been written, but none have manged to truly pay due tribute. The man who has appeared in every folklore in the kingdom of DAIICT, the man who is placed above all gods, the man every student at DAIICT looks up to. Nobody but the gods knew his real name. They decided that earthly beings had no right to know the source this divine SEn power. The ordinary mortals only called him ‘Becks’ – or ‘The choSEn one’.

In those days of war and turmoil, SEn was a course feared by all. Rich and poor, mighty and weak alike were humbled by this demon of a course. DAIICT needed a warrior to combat these courses of evil. As they say, a hero emerges only when the world needs him most, and Becks was no different. It is said he rose from the ashes of a thousand engineers and magically landed on earth in the centre of the lotus pond.

The king of the dark side was RS, feared by all. He was claimed to be the son of satan himself, who mastered the dark courses in aussieland. But even he shuddered at the mere prescence of becks. Becks attended every lecture and every lab. RS was infuriated. He kept evening lectures and secret SEn tutorials, but becks found his way there too. Finally, RS gave in to the sheer genius of becks and once said ‘becks is the pride of my class’. And those who sat on the first bench swore there was a tear in his eye as he said it.

It was time for SRS submissions. Every other student had to form groups of 5 and submit a pdf file. But becks was no ordinary student. He went up to RS and bravely offered to give an SRS ‘presentation’. He even took up the ultimate challenge. Becks refused to use ppt for his presentation. RS broke down as becks spoke his words. He knew this was no ordinary student. He accepted becks’s offer.

Every other student slogged and slogged to program mini java applications, but becks worked at binary level. It is said that he could have designed his own chips too, but he got bored of it. In one lab session, he developed a new mobile os that far surpassed Google android. The people at google nearly swallowed their d***s when heard of becks’s glory. Within a month, becks had challenged, equalled and overtook google in software development. There were rumors that Google’s big guns were willing to give becks BJs if he agreed to sell his software to him. But becks refused.

The presentation of becks took place in the oat. Each student watched the presentation live on tv as there was no place in the oat. Dignitaries had been invited to becks’s presentation from all over the world. In fact, there were so many that Anil ambani had to sit on the last bench (poor guy). Sam Pitroda wasnt even invited, because it was felt he was too noob to understand becks’s presentation.

Becks began by drawing UML diagrams in thin air. He was offered a mike, but he refused. His divine voice echoed across the oat. No body dared to breathe in case they interrupted his speech. Hundreds died of suffocation. Becks, like a true warrior, went on in spite of everyone dying around him. He spoke for 8 days and 8 nights, without food, sleep or water. At the end of it, RS couldn’t even see. His eyes were filled with tears and his heart overcome with emotion. He had no words left for Becks. All his faadu aussie vocabulary seemed worthless in front of becks. There was just one thing that could be said. RS crawled up to becks, touched his feet and said, ‘Master’.

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